Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Amazing Days!

Today and yesterday have been filled with wonderful special fantastic surprises....and then just a few random funnies thrown in there too...

1. Ash got her "Chemo Cut" on Wednesday.  I had NO IDEA - and she looks beautiful!  presenting before and after....

2. Just found out that MONDAY - Jen got her "chemo cut" and she has been keeping it a secret - WHAT???  No secrets from chemo girl!...When  I asked if she loved it - she said, "No, but I love you!"  Jen has been letting her hair grow for 3 years and Ashley only trims 2cm off every few sisters are VERY CLOSE to their HAIR - so this is truly a sacrifice!!!

3. MY HAIR has NOT fallen out - yippee!!!  But I don't have a sassy new haircut like my I'm jealous!

4. My EOB came from United Healthcare and my $10K Chemo session is considered an "Office Visit" with a $25 co-pay.  Seriously....makes NO sense to me... But I am thankful that we can afford the costs (however they are coded) and I'm equally hopefully that Shaw keeps Shane EMPLOYED and INSURED!

5. I got an e-mail from Maya Road that I am receiving a box of goodies after being nominated for the "Be A River" campaign.  Thanks to "Susan in NY" for nominating me and everyone who voted!!!  Too bad I can't have a big crop for everyone to play with the goodies, but I promise to share :)  - here is a picture of Susan and me in Nashville circa 2008...we are SaSSy!!!

6. My mom is out running errands armed with a LIST of things we need for the school parties, gift swaps, and holiday happenings - while I stay home and make WBCs...  Thank goodness for GiGi!

7. Our pediatrician, Dr. Kelly Busenlener, called in a prescription for Morgan knowing that I'm in the bubble and working very hard to make WBCs and can't risk entering the pediatrician's office...Get to know your pediatrician VERY well - she/he makes our babies better!

8. I have received so many cards, happy gifts and delicious food this week.  The response from family and friends is simpy AMAZING!

9. Nanny and Zia saved the day today.  They "took one for the team" and each celebrated CAFETERIA CHRISTMAS LUNCH with her godchild.  It takes some strong LOVE  and stomach to accept THAT lunch invitation!

I'm going to sleep tonight with a happy heart!  I will always treasure these days!


Ash Marie said...

hey girl can you send me your address to my store's email please!

I am still praying for you. Glad you have so much support!


Ashley said...

What person with cancer says "I'm going to bed with a happy heart"?!?! Only you. Truly amazing!

Sandy said...

Hey, you did it!! I can leave a comment. Whoot!!
Tell Ash that her new "do" is very attractive on her. She should wear it like that forevah.
Hang in there.