Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We talked to the girls tonight about my Cancer.  They know the word now...but they were mostly interested in my Mommy's "Hannah Montana" wig...My friend Karen tracked down the info from the American Cancer Society and Ashley  - with camera in hand - went there today....  All I'm sayin' is HOTTTT!!!!  Do you think I should go with the curly brunette?  She looks kinda wild and crazy!!!  It could be my new persona...

I'm going to have to search the Internet on how all the "cool girls" tie their scarves....  But remember, Tuesday is TURBAN TUESDAY!!!!

Now this girl is pretty - in an "I could use a nose job sort of way"....  They need to be careful with the models - that dent had to hurt!

Now I like this sassy thing... All we need are a few highlights and a flat iron and I'm gonna look like Jennifer Aniston...right?

But seriously, if I find a black Elvira wig - done!!!


Marsell said...
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Marsell said...

I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I'm a little partial to the Snookie.

Aunt Nisey said...

Blonde, Brunette, Red Head . . . ya can change ya mind on any given day ! ! !

Aunt Nisey said...

PS I hadta get off my knees to post a comment. Rosary, check. . . novena, check. . . Mass, check. . . direct line to Saint Grandma Ethel, check . . . you're covered!!!

Melanie said...

I'm kinda partial to the wild crazy curly hair myself!!!! We could be twinkies!!!!!!!

Debby Schuh said...

You are so funny!! You had me laughing out loud at my computer here in the Houston airport! (on my way to Waco.)
Can't wait to see what you choose... you'll be beautiful no matter what!