Monday, January 28, 2008

the FLU

who got flu shots? Morgan and Shane... who didn't get flu shots? Me and Avery... Who has the flu? Definitely Avery, and I'd bet that I have it (either that or Mommy's tired syndrome)

Sick little girl...and the weekend update

Poor Avery has had fever all weekend and started vomitting last night - (yep - three sets of sheets, blankets and pillows have been hauled down to the laundry room). But here she is, asleep on the den sofa as peaceful as can be - for the moment. We'll head to the doctor today.

This week Morgan and Avery found the newest alternative to Ugg boots....

Yep, pot holders- I'm sure it's the next "new rage"!

And the "GOTCHA" moment of the weekend...After everything mom (or Mel) has done for us, we finally surprised her with a golf cart. Usually she gives us a list for every gift giving occasion - which we LOVE, because a) it's easy and b) she gets what she wants. But this time, for no real occasion at all, we got her! And even though Shane, Collin and Dominick "claim" to be busy at work, there were NO LESS than 100 e-mails over the internet about this golf cart.

She had the "typical Mel" reaction to the fuzzy dice and keys. The confused but extremly gracious response (first pic). It's our joke - you could give Mom dried clay and she would be very gracious! So she opened the bag with the dice and keys and then we brought her outside. We raised the garage door and she found her little girls sitting on her golf cart. Just looking at the picture shows just how surprised she was. It was a great feeling for us to give her something so fun after everything she does for us. Soon we'll have it all "tricked out" - maybe I'll call "Pimp My Ride".... We are DEFINITELY getting an airbrushed license plate that says "GiGi's GoGo"

GiGi, have fun with all of your little ones on the golf cart - by July, we have 5 under 5 - better start Christmas shopping!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Seriously - do you LOVE LSU? People in my neighborhood have the huge inflatable LSU Tiger in the yards... So you NEED this book - whether you went to the game, watched the game on TV, or just have a ton of pics from the season... Denise at Scrapbook and Co. ordered the most awesome LSU paper, so of course I HAD to use it in this album.

The kits are selling for $25 and all of the inking, stamping and trimming is done. All you have to do is assemble (with the handy dandy instructions) and add your pictures, game tickets, the price you PAID for your game tickets (OK - so maybe you don't want admit that!), and anything else to make it your own.
I am making these as fast as I can. Right now, we are waiting for the Bazzill cardstock order, because everyone in town has bought up the purple and gold cardstock. But I will have four kits at the store this week.
If you want a kit, just call the store and put your name on the list - as soon as it's ready - we'll call you. As soon as the cardstock arrives, I hope to have extras ready for sale at the store, but until then, please let the store know that you NEED this album! (225-293-9989)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A few new layouts...

I HAVE to learn how to scan and stitch my layouts together. Taking photos of them is just not working, but until the technology fairy finds me, these will have to do...
Love Elsie paper - is there anything cuter? All three girls with Santa at our neighborhood party. Only Avery was excited to see Santa, M & H were hesitant (OK - terrified) despite the fact that he had gifts - when will they learn??
Here are the girls with "Super Gingerbread House Decorating DAD". I wanted no part of this, but he has more patience than anyone I have ever met - I think he actually enjoyed it! He wouldn't let me throw the thing away!
The school pageant... Last year Morgan was "on stage" for 10 seconds - this year she made it probably a full minute before crying and landing in my lap - hey - that's progress! How cute is Hannah? Those dimples get you everytime!
This is Christmas morning - the baby fest - baby EVERYTHING!!!
This is my favorite - I wish it had come out better, but the transparency on the left page is causing an awful glare - and I don't know what to do to fix it - but look at the girls - oh, they can be adorable (sometimes...)
Better stop playing and get to work....

Monday, January 7, 2008

No one likes the pink centers in the box of chocolates!

So just say NO! to that store bought card and big red heart filled with the dreaded pink centers. Granted - it's awesome to find the caramel center - but it's rare... So I created this little album for your sweetie. I plan to fill mine with pics and "coupons" - you know, the kind where he gets to sleep in late even AFTER I cropped till 2am. Or, where I get the oil changed in HIS car - that kind of stuff. What I love about this album is that it is SO easy. Once you have the instructions you can make it dozens of times! I've made this same album for my sister's graduation, my mom's surgery and for Christmas. If Cupid hasn't knocked on your door but you want to join the fun and learn the technique, feel free to sign up for the class and make the Christmas version. It's been at the store for a while (on the front counter), so you may have seen it.

The class is $25 and remember before each class Denise chooses a fabulous item to put on sale JUST for the class attendees. The class is on Wednesday, January 23 from 6 to 8 - so you'll have plenty of time to fill your albums with goodies for your sweetie. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Perfect Hineys and High Heels

If you read my post on New Year's Eve, I was writing as I was watching the girls play outside - the catch - they had on pink t-shirts, panties and high heels - classy, huh? So what do I do? Well, grab the camera, of course!

Here's the thing... How pefect are those little hineys? I mean is it legal to have legs and butt without cellulite? It's probably illegal for me to post these of my girls - I'll probably show up on some baby porn most wanted list.

They DID put their pants back on, and I got this precious picture

I thought I would get ALL caught up with scrapbooking over the holidays. We "closed" the office from Dec 21 - Jan 2, but apparently our clients are under the impression that we are actually doctors and have the ability to save lives! Really, how may "emergencies" can occur with accounting and taxes? Unfortunately, our clients created "emergencies", so there was little time for playing. I did manage to get my Heidi Swapp canvas done from Creative Escape. I used a quote from the "She" book. It says, "She decided to start living the life she'd only imagined." Which was pretty fitting for this year in review.