Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have what one might call "special needs"

another great title from Anne Taintor...

So I just can't stop fooling with my blog. This is the way I stay sane on weekend mornings while M&A are fighting. And yes, it's EVERY weekend morning...

But this week, a few times while I was supposed to be saving the world from the IRS, I drifted off to ponder my blog appearance (don't tell Lucy and Ashley - unless they would fire me - and then tell them for sure!). Back to the blog "look" - I'm not very regal, so the crowns had to go, and I'm really not that fancy, so maybe simple is best... This is NOT a mantra for my scrapbooking layouts, there I fully believe "more is more"!!!

I met someone yesterday who told me she blog stalks me (I will withhold her name to protect the guilty... but you KNOW who you are)... Anyway, she said she loves to read my blog.... You know why?? Oh yeah... it makes her feel normal... Made me laugh so hard!!! Loved it!

So once again, I aim to please!!! Hope you laugh today!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A layout class on Monday, February 22

I'm having a class at Scrapbook and Co next Monday from 6-8pm. The cost is $23 and there are a few spots left.

We will heat emboss, distress, Glimmer Mist and more on this layout. So if you have ever wanted to "figure out" any of those products or techniques this is a great way to learn AND take home a layout. Call the store at 225.293.9989 to reserve your spot. Hope to see you soon!

PS - A little birdie told me that there are new spots open for the ALL DAY CROP on Saturday at Scrapbook and Co. Make it even more fun by signing up for the Friday night crop. Crop until 2am on Friday and come back and crop all day on Saturday. We will be auctioning off all of the older store layout samples. And, as always, we have some surprise sales up our sleeves!


Four wonderful friends of mine have started a scrapbooking kit business - and it is booming! They will be at Scrapfest next weekend (and then Crop Celebration in Hammond in March, Scrappin with the Chicks in BR in May, and Scrappin on the River in Natchez in July).

They are kit making fools (OK - so maybe they are always "fools" - hehehe). Feel free to leave a comment on their blog. If you are needing a specific kit, they LOVE ideas!

So check them out at Scrapfest and on their blog - and "tell 'em Heather sent ya!" (not really, but I always wanted to say that!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All this and a paycheck too...

I think I'll start borrowing my blog post titles from Anne Taintor - I have loved her for years...

This is a VERY RARE smile from Avery today. I had just told her that NO ONE should be subjected to a full day of Noggin - she just smiled - as if to say, "You signed up for Mommyhood in sickness and in health - suck it up!"

So, I continue to watch Noggin. Let me catch you up, my one faithful reader...

Last Thursday (as in February 4th), Shane went to the doctor because the left side of his face was swollen to epic proportions - and the pain was unbearable. Doc said he had a staph infection. Saturday (while I was out of town), he dropped M&A off at Uncle Bryan's house and went to the ER. The ER pumped him with an IV antibiotic and sent him home. He managed with the help of babysitters until I got home. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - down for the count. Wednesday he managed a few hours at work. Thursday - Ironman must prevail... It's time to dress up like Elvis and ride in the Muses parade....

Parade is cancelled and rescheduled until Friday. He gets home at 2am, and on Saturday morning is one big stomach virus. He barely made it to work on Monday - eating only a granola bar and a packet of grits....

then - the unthinkable - Color Wheel shows up on the caller ID - NEVER A GOOD SIGN. Avery now has the stomach virus. WARNING - if you visit the Bellanger household - you WILL LEAVE with a disease!!! STAY AWAY!!!

It's been ice chips for Avery since 10pm last night. She's probably about 20 pounds now. But at least we have Noggin :) - Oh and I had to ship Morgan off to Nanny's house - I couldn't manage her whining (jealousy b/c of the lack of attention) with Avery's actual medical NEED for attention. And again - I do this, and I get to work outside of the home - I am SO lucky!!!!

the pillow is wet from her tears...

Monday, February 15, 2010

My friend Nicole's awesome class at Scrapfest...

I've never been to Scrapfest... They inconsiderately schedule both events during tax season... But seeing that I love Kerry (one of the owners), I will not harbor any ill feelings... But one day, when I win the lottery and sell this damn practice, I'll be at every Scrapfest whether they want me or not!

By the way, Scrapfest is February 25, 26 and 27. Here's the link:

And IF I was going to Scrapfest next weekend, I would absolutely be taking Nicole Petersen's class. She is a super duper RoCKStar! Here is a description of her class:

Capture a Bit of Summer Canvas Hanging
Nicole Petersen
Saturday, 2-4$27

Create this fun and fresh wall-hanging to display your special summer photo. This project is made from a canvas mat with a bit of mist, sand resin, and paint to dress it up! Oh, don't forget the bling and butterflies!

You will learn how to stencil a beautiful design onto canvas using sand resin medium, create a ribbon flower, sprinkle diamond dust, and sew with abandon! Plus, come learn a new twist on using all brands of mists you already have in your stash. Walk away with new techniques that will become part of your everyday scrapping or altered art creations.

Please bring all of the following besides BYOB: Misting Mat (any brand), Paint brushes - small and medium sizes, Tiny Attacher or small, regular stapler, Zip-Dry, Ranger ink applicator with sponge, Ranger Distress Ink (Linen, Corduroy, and/or Tea Bag), Paper Distresser, Paper Piercer,Vertical 3.5 x 5, 4 x 6, or 5 x 7 photo; Optional: sewing machine -- please only bring to class if you were already bringing your machine to Scrapfest, white thread

And for a picture of the canvas and to learn a little more about Nicole (AKA The Rockstar), visit her blog:

Have fun at Scrapfest, and just in case you run into Kerry - could you remind her that June would be WAY better for me - thanks!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A good time with friends, scissors and paper...

I was able to escape last weekend with some girlfriends for some scrapbooking, more eating and even more drinking.... ahhhh... the perfect escape! Here are some of my creations....

Avery on her 5th birthday in November...

We planned on taking both of the girls to the NOLA Bowl to see MY Golden Eagles WIN, but Morgan had a migraine so she stayed home and slept. As long as Avery sees the cheerleaders and Seymour the Eagle, she's thrilled!

You probably won't find it shocking that I have never baked a turkey (or cooked one in any other fashion) - so it was pretty hysterical when Morgan started chomping down on the turkey leg after Thanksgiving. I think my mom may have to start baking turkeys just so Morgan can chomp on the legs!

The 1st grade at Dutchtown Primary performed a precious Christmas play. Morgan was the terrified flower (that would be the ONLY terrified flower in a garden of blooms)

I started the Christmas layouts with the Bellanger Christmas gathering. Only 15 more Christmas layouts to go :)

I'm in love with these pictures of Avery - she is such a clown sometimes!

Oh, and if you see these two crazy characters at your front door, please let them in, feed them, and call them your own - thanks!

Hope your weekend is filled with laughs!