Friday, March 21, 2008

Bring Nick to work day....

Finally Jen decided she needed a few minutes of alone time to run errands, etc - AND WE GOT NICK!!! In the 5 minutes that he was awake, he sat on my lap and I taught him how to do a tax return. He's so smart! We are encouraging Jen to do a lot more errands, because none of us got enough time with Nick. The Bell-Mac crew lost all productivity while Nick visited (Little Ashley, me, Ashley and Lucy with Nick), but who can think about taxes when that precious bundle arrives?

It's never too early for a Bowflex....

One week with the Bowflex and I already feel my arms toning up. I'm using the George Jetson method of exercising - if I just look at the Bowflex long enough - I'm bound to see the results, right? Morgan and Avery are taking the more traditional approach - actually getting ON the Bowflex. As long as they don't hit themselves in the head with those pink one pound weights, we'll be alright. Oh, and clearly, Avery thinks exercising in panties is the only way to go!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3 little monkeys jumpin' on the bed...

Right before this, all three girls were in the tub together - probably shouldn't post those pics. We may NEVER get these monkeys to bed tonight! Hannah just learns more and more of Morgan and Avery's tricks everyday.

Monday, March 10, 2008

7 Random Facts

I've been tagged by my friend Amanda to provide you - the interested public - with 7 random facts about myself. On the surface this seems easy - I'm quite random - but then how do I narrow the randomness down to just 7? So here goes:

1. When I was in first grade, I had plastic surgery to fix the gash that my eyeglasses (not sunglasses) left in my eyebrow after landing on them while jumping off a jungle gym. That young surgeon is now one of the premier plastic surgeons in New Orleans (Dr. Colon)

2. I HATE roller coasters - find someone else to drag onto Space Mountain!

3. I take a series of legally prescribed medications to muffle my OCD about everything! These drugs are commonly referred to by me as the "trifeca of calm".

4. I have one birth sister and one ex-step-sister sometimes known as a "quasi-sister", but in general just sister. She's Nick's mommy.

5. I dated my husband in high school, then we broke up for four and a half years, then saw each other at a bar and were married soon after. Now it's 10 years later and he's cuter than in high school!

6. After my Sophomore year in college my mom sent me to Europe "to experience living abroad". Later I realized that it was code for "I must get you away from that toxic boyfriend". It worked, we broke up.

7. A rabbit lives in my front garden.

Ok - so now I'm tagging Cori and Angel - ready, set, GO!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


There is nothing better than good friends and AWESOME crawfish (and forgetting about tax season for a day)! Shane has mastered crawfish boiling. The weather was beautiful and the beer was flowing. Nick slept through his debut - but we can wait! Ashley took a little rest in the hammock while I played in the spacewalk with the girls. I can't wait for the next boil.