Friday, December 10, 2010

Choosing a "Sitter"

Monday was Day One of Chemo, so Ashley put out a call for "sitters" for Tuesday and Wednesday...This is a warning to all patients everywhere...choose carefully!!!

Tuesday, Karen Tabor's number came up!  I am amazed by how many precious friends I have made in the four years since moving here from New Orleans.  As a Katrina transplant, it was iffy at first.  There was the whole stigma, but scrapbookers are different... a crazy creative welcoming group of women... and they took me in!

Karen is one of those women and when she arrived for duty she was loaded down with gifts from Paula and Teri for my birthday and "chemo necessities".  I was queen for the day with all of the wonderful presents!  And since Karen has had her share of "sitting" with the ill, she came prepared with a needlepoint project in hand.  While I slept, she watched tv quietly and worked on her project.  When I woke, she offered to make me some lunch and freshen my drink.  When you think of the caring loving person to care for you when you are in need, Karen is the friend you need. 

Karen was even in charge of my birthday dinner on Wednesday night.  She had already brought my favorite Royal Standard torte on Monday, so I really just wanted some Chicken Salad from Calvin's.  I was just hoping that I would have the taste buds to enjoy it.  Karen not only delivered Chicken Salad, but a delicious raspberry cake!  Thanks Karen - you are truly a precious friend!  Here's a picture of Karen, Teri and Paula from this summer....  thanks to all three of you for my wonderful goodies!


browneyedgirl said...

I'm with ya...
Karen is the best. Glad you have her there with you. I wish I was closer...will have to visit sometime soon. Maybe a trip next fall after the baby?
Thanks for your blog updates, still thinking of you and your family every day Heather. Kick some cancer butt!

Teri said...

Well if for some reason I get sick I'm fighting you for Karen! Just sayin'! She is a great friend to have on your side. Oh, and it helps that she is retired and has some time on her hands. Gotta love that. Many more years before I know what that is like. I'm glad you and the GIRLS liked all your goodies. They are looking so stylish with those hats on.