Saturday, March 28, 2009

I did a little "link" maintenance...

Sorry, but some blogs needed to come off of the "Check these Out" section because so many needed to be added - They are so many blogs I read often, and I want you to "find" them too. Most important is the link to "Once Upon Photography" - remember the GREATEST photographer ever! Becca is just the most precious girl ever! Margie is my hero - and I can't wait until she announces her SECRET! House of 3 is really cool. Everytime I open Memories by the Pageful, I am inspired. Hopefully you enjoy these new links. I love finding new blogs, so please send me some links!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overheard at my office...

Someone who will remain nameless (my sister) said to me this week:

"If you looked in the mirror this morning, and were trying to decide if you needed a haircut - well, you do..."

I love you sister!

I'm in trouble with the bus driver...

Here's the background:

Yesterday, the bus driver passed up our house (note: we were standing at the end of the driveway like good little bus riders). She even gave us a wave as she passed us up. I thought this was strange, and Morgan and I ran down the street to the next house (stop visualizing me running down the street - it wasn't pretty!).

Of course, this upset Worry Wart Morgan's entire day (creating a headache - she's SO MUCH like me - do they have kid Zoloft??).

Today, the bus driver motions for me to come up to her window. She then tells me (and I quote), "When I forget Morgan, I'll come back around the block for her. I don't want anybody running up to my bus." I apologized, as if it was my fault that she passed up my daughter - and on a separate note - WHEN she forgets Morgan??? like it's gonna happen regularly? Why did I apologize? I guess the gentle wave yesterday morning was the "sign" that she knew she passed us up and would be back around???? Did I miss School Bus Etiquette? Anyway, I promised to be patient NEXT time she misses us (AT THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY) and wait for her to come back around the block!

Freda - I KNOW you are laughing right now! This post was especially for you!

Laugh out loud today! Heather

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A week in review...

So, it was a terrible week! I hate to start a post that way - but I cannot tell a lie! A four day migraine, a fender bender (not my fault - thank goodness!), 12 new clients (which is a blessing and a curse), and today a crawfish boil at our house. Yesterday, I couldn't even pretend to work because of the migraine. Normally, when I get to that point (usually once a year), I go to the hospital where I get an IV filled with the "migraine cocktail" - not kidding - that's what the docs actually call it! Phenergan, Darvocet and Benadryl. As much as I needed the drip, I've already had my hospital visit this year, and I couldn't bear the three hour or more wait in the ER.

So using my very own medicine cabinet stash - I took the "cocktail" in pill form - three times on Friday - at noon, at seven and at 2am. Are you concerned that doctors have actually given me prescriptions for the Phenergan and the Darvocet? I admit - it's a little scary! When I awakened at 9 this morning, it was finally gone! Unfortunately, I was in a drugged haze all day.

Shane did a great job organizing and cooking the crawfish for Dominick's bday - I was so pathetic that I took a nap during the festivities!

Here is cute collage of the kids today:

Then I finally took some pictures of the layouts I did last Friday night - ignore the glare - one day I'll actually figure how to take the pictures correctly!

This is Avery's bday party using one of Heidi Swapp's new lines - It was perfect! Then I used the six pocket page protector to include more photos from the party...

Now on to a Mardi Gras layout:
Parker's six month photos:
And lastly, Beauty and the Beast with GiGi
Next week WILL be better! There is only one way to go from this week - UP!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I scrapbooked with a FANTASTIC group on Friday night and laughed the whole time - thanks to Mel, Dawn, Lisa, Teri, Tiffiny and Toni (and Ms. MaryNell!).

I sold a ton of stuff at the New To You Sale at Co. - so my store credit grows - oh what will I buy next???

Ashley and I both took the weekend off. I got the last of the corporate returns out Friday and the extensions even got postmarked Friday afternoon. Tomorrow should be a smooth day. I'm ready to get back to the office and knock out as many individual returns as possible.

It'll be a hectic week though. I teach a scrapbook class tomorrow night, work late on Tuesday night, go on Morgan's school fieldtrip on Wednesday, spend Thursday in NOLA with clients and finally back to the office on Friday. Wish me luck! If I get a chance, I'll post the layouts I did this weekend.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A much needed day off on a beautiful Sunday...

Let me start by saying - I am NOT a gardener. Luckily whoever planted my initial garden, chose plants that thrive on neglect. But I really do like to have a clean, neat garden, so I have been dying to get to work on that part.

Hannah, Morgan and Avery "helped" while Parker supervised from the Jumperoo. We only tackled one side of the garden, I still wanted to be able to stand upright today without the use of heating pads or extreme doses of Aleve. And Avery and Morgan caught a lizard and to his dismay probably almost squeezed him to death. I finally convinced them to let him go and find his Mommy - I hope he's not injured!

The day was beautiful and we actually enjoyed ourselves! Here's a picture of my neat, unmulched garden - I'm so proud!
If you look closely - you'll see the poor lizard!
They also thought it was hysterical to act like they were putting the lizard on me - I on the otherhand was not AMUSED!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Info on the third "All About Me Class"

It's tax season, so of course, I just got to do my layout. While putting it together, I used some additional supplies, so I wanted to pass that along.

Along with the basics, it would be helpful if you bring a ruler, brown pen, large scalloped scissors ( I found mine at Dollar Tree - if anyone sees them there- please buy me about three more), a white paint pen, pop up dots and a circle cutter. I will have all of these things in case you don't own them. But if you have them, bring 'em!

Here is my finished layout (and I left my laptop at the office last night, and the Ironman's computer doesn't have any photo editing software, so you get to see my tile floor too - ignore the dirty grout - or better yet, if it bothers you come over and clean it - I'll leave you a key!):

The sample from Basic Grey has all four of the 4" by 6" photos printed horizontally. That didn't work for me, so clearly I did two horizontal and two vertical. And obviously, I have three circle photos (instead of the BG suggested two) and they aren't nearly 4" in diameter. I just wanted you to know that we can make any combo of photos work.

I will hesitantly say that this is my favorite layout so far. I was less than thrilled about the color combo and the "Day in my Life" theme, but once I decided to go in the direction of "Who I Am Everyday" it took on a new life.

Here's the reasoning for each picture, starting from the left:

I am a scrapbooker - I starting scrapbooking with the girls, and I'll die scrapbooking with them - laughing all the way!

I am a sister - me, Ashley and Jen

I am a wife - me and the Ironman

I am a business owner - me sitting on my desk

I am a mom - my favorite pic and me and the girls (taken by Melonie Ellzey - the greatest photographer evah! - see two posts ago)

I am a daughter - since my mom is camera shy, this is the ONLY picture I could find of me and her - and the girls look pretty cute too

I am a friend - this is my all time favorite picture of Jen - we have been friends since the second week of college at USM, and even though our lives are hectic now, I'm still sure that we will be sharing a room at the Old Folks home one day.

Hopefully this helps you get ready for class. Finally a class without some crazy "grid group" of photos! I'll see Group One tomorrow (Monday) at 6! Oh - and I have five prizes ready to go!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The third "All About Me" Class

The third class is titled "A Day in Your Life". I started a list of the completely boring things I do in a day - wake up kids, make coffee, get girls dressed and to school, do laundry, work, blah, blah, blah.

This didn't seem like something I would really care about years from now. So instead, I am going with the approach of what I AM everyday:

a mom
a sister
a wife
a daughter
a professional
a friend

The sample layout shows two pictures cut into circles (4 1/4" diameter), so if you have a circle cutter, bring it to class. Also, please bring scalloped scissors. I suggest that you print your pictures in black and white, that will work best with the paper this time (it's kind of orange and aqua). See you soon!