Saturday, April 13, 2013

We made it!

It's the final hours of tax season... my first real tax season after two years of illness...  And it is one for the books for sure!  I have a new partner who like my husband balances out my "crazy" with  quiet reassuring calm... We have made an amazing team this tax season - I'm so proud of what we have accomplished and what exciting things are on the horizon...

Ashley and I thought we were going to sell the practice last year, but in a interesting turn of events, instead we brought in a new partner and Ashley decided the new partnership didn't fit her families needs, so she left in February.  So I went from potential retirement to full time business owner in a few short months and although it was a surprise and an adjustment... I am loving it!  Coming out of hiatus in a big way!

My clients this tax season were my biggest cheerleaders.  Everyday was filled with hugs, kisses, flowers, treats, a few good tears and genuine happiness that I survived the past two years of hell...  Even when my body was tired from the new routine, our clients would remind me how lucky I was to have survived... Each day is a gift...

I am reading a book titled "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Facebook.  I'm definitely navigating the "having it all" mindset and this book is helpful.  This tax season my body reminded me in some not so gentle ways that it has limitations.  I had to find a network of people to help with the girls after school.  And thankfully 15 years ago I chose a husband who not only loves me, but packs school lunches and washes soccer uniforms when Mom is at the office until 10pm.  But this is my new life.... and I'm making the new rules as we go...  Each day is an adventure, and as one client told me this tax season.... the only thing that is constant is enjoy the ride!  and don't worry...even the most stressful days included a LAUGH!!