Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Decluttering the Bubble...

So, a friend gave another friend two scrapbook cutting machines.  Cutting machines sat in her house for two years, friend decided a few months back that I should have them..."friend" is being used loosely here, b/c all this did was clutter my bubble..where I try to keep completely clutter free...

So here they are... up for grabs... $50 each AFTER you have taken them home and decided if they work at all...crap shoot...but a safe's buyer beware, with a return policy... but if you find they don't work, they will be gifted to Goodwill, except what's Goodwill going to do with broken cutting machines...Oh, I know, I'll sell them for parts!!  Oh - how I can crack myself up!

First up... a QuickKutz Silhouette-1 Digital Craft Cutter... appears to have blade mechanism in place with three adjustment caps and the ballpoint pen holder...Serial Number H612A01088 if that helps anyone...Basic Instruction Guide....Software User and Manual CD...Cutting Mat... No sign of the power cable, AC adapter or USB cable...Bottom line...If you have a friend with a Silhouette with cords, you could take this and make sure it works, then check if cords are available and reasonalby priced

Second up... Pazzles Creative Cutter Mini...purchased Sept 2006 for $645...It has:
The machine
Pazzles Cutting and Design Software
128 page full color Instruction Manual
Set Up Sheet
7 Peice Tool Kit
Sampler Paper PAck
USB to Serial Driver CD
3 Adhesive Mats
1 Fabric Mat
Blade Holder with 1 Blade for Cardstock
1 Blade for vinyl and vellum

What is doesn't have...CDSET 1 and CDSET 6...I have emailed Pazzles and replacement parts are still available for this model...I  have the reps name if needed...What you might consider...Pricing the CD SETS on ebay, etc.  And isn't this a machine where you can cut anything you can download from the web?  I don't know....

So for anyone who wants to give these a try... PLEASE, PLEASE take them from me...I have included the price because I feel like I should send SOMETHING to the original purchasing friend, but that's negotiable since they have now taken up residence in my house 4 years after the original purchase...It's a WIN WIn, as long as your willing to drive to Dutchtown to get them....

PS - Slept 10 hours last night and then 4 hours does a body GOOD!

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Ali said...

Sorry, I can't help you out with your two machines there, though they do sound nifty. However, I thought that if you happened to have a bedazzler, you could make some spiffy, personalized masks for people who visit you. Get yourself some painters masks or surgical masks, put some rhinestones on those babies - fashionable and practical AND people could visit your bubble.

On a serious note, I am praying for a 4 or higher on your next count.