Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something new at Scrapbook and Co...

{Note: Loyal blog followers will notice that I moved this older post to the top. Denise will be sending out the news on the $11 kits today - so I wanted to make sure everyone found it. If you are just reading about the $11 kits, please read the next few posts also, there are more sneaks and a few surprise layouts. Also - remember to leave a comment for a chance to win a gift card set.}

Last year I taught a class called "3 for $33". We did 3 double page layouts for just $33. I had a great turnout for the series. This year seems to be busier than ever, and I'm having a hard time scheduling more classes. So I came up with an idea (lightbulb is blinking)...

Create $11 kits.

Then you can go to Co. and create your own "3 for $33". Every kit is a double page layout. These kits don't compete with the "Co. Kit Club". The Co. kit club has enough product to complete a double page layout, a single page layout AND a card.

The $11 kit line is just quick and easy scrapbooking for all the busy scrapbookers. I hope you are as excited about this idea as I am! The kits will be ready for purchase on Wednesday morning. Hurry, because once they are gone, they are gone! But if they do sell quickly, I'll make more next month. Feel free to leave comments on "themes" you need. I welcome all suggestions (as long as they are nice!)

Now (imagine a drumroll)... Here are the first five kits:

Everyone who leaves a comment or a suggestion will be entered into a drawing for a set of handmade cards - so start typing!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My sideline graduate and other stream of consciousness thinking...

Avery has been in the 4 year old class since August 2008. Most of her class is heading to Kindergarten next year, but because she has a late birthday, she'll be in the 4 year old class again. She was so excited to see her classmates graduate. She even let me wash and fix her hair - and of course, a brand new dress!

Here's Avery watching the action...

After the ceremony we took pictures with all of her friends - here are the "avery's" (Avery B and Avery R)

After graduation, Avery went back to school for Water Day and I went home to bed! But, of course, I couldn't sleep, so I decided to play with paper. And when I say paper, I mean SCRAPS! I had a fourth of a sheet of flowered paper from my friend Melanie. Then I pulled out tons of scraps in the same color palette and started cutting them into strips. The strips became my background, and I cut the flowers out of Melanie's sheet.

THEN, I went through my chipboard letters and picked out any ones that "kind of" matched. All in all, a decent layout - all with leftovers!

Then I turned my attention to the cutest Pink Paislee flowers I bought this week.

I LOVE the pinking shear edge. I love the inked edge. I love the button. What I don't love is that the pack is $4.50 AND there are only two colors! So once again, I turned to the scraps...

Voila! I may start making these with all of my scraps and add them to my flower stash. All different sizes and paper combos. I am lovin' these!

Lastly, I haven't a pulled a winner yet from the $11 layout post because Denise hasn't sent out the MASS e-mail to everyone. Only a few of you know about the drawing, but in the meantime, I found two layouts that I will sell at the store. I have two of the "You Bug Me" layout and three of the "Xtreme" layout. There are already assembled and they are $11. If you want one, post a comment or e-mail me and I'll hold it for you. Otherwise, on the wall they go.

One day soon, I will have a scraproom filled very carefully with only my most favorite and necessary items - the clutter makes me crazy!

Hope you are having a good weekend and finding a reason to laugh out loud...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm working on a new kit...

"Built Tough" for all the boys (or tomboys!). I'm even painting, stamping and modge podging chipboard. You are going to love it! I'm working on a new set of kits for June. Here's a little peak...

Glitz Girls designed the perfect BOY paper with this "Angst" line. (Oh, and mark your calendars for July 12th when the Glitz Girls are coming to Scrapbook and Co.) Remember leave your comments and suggestions to enter the drawing for a prize! I'm loving the posts so far - and Terri B. - there is a Travel kit this month - it is near the bottom of the display, you might have missed it.

If you missed this week's "All About Me" class, here is my layout:

Heading to me "day job" now. Have a funny day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Margie's new kit club...

I fell in love with Margie at CKU in Atlanta in 2006. She taught my album class. I laughed the entire time. Now she has a kit club called "The Girl's Loft". The big adventure begins on June 15th. I can't wait to see what is in store - with Margie, I know it will ROCK!!!

Visit her blog at:
Or The Girl's Loft at:

Both sites are already listed on the sidebar of my blog. I have a feeling I'm going to finally join a kit club on June 15th!

For the math nerds...

This is MY kind of pie!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank goodness for nephews....

We watched Nick this week. Nick and Parker are both so easy going, sweet, playful and HAPPY! This is such a difference from M&A - such a refreshing change! Morgan fed Nick ravioli - he's pretty much open to any food - especially fruit flavored mini marshmallows - just a suggestion Jen....

When the girls went outside to play, Nick just stood on the back porch and watched them swing. Then after a minute, he puts out his arms as if to say, "Hey guys - you forgot me..."

Is this a sweet happy boy, or what???

Nick thought is was hilarious when the girls starting jumping off the ramp. After I quieted the fear in my head, it was pretty cute - and they were having a blast "flying"

Just one more thing - Ms Angel - Avery LOVES her new clothes. Here she is "showing off" her new most favorite outfit!

Playing hookie today and scrapbooking at Co with Melanie. If you hear obnoxious laughter - that's probably us!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

School accidents...

Morgan goes to After School Care at Color Wheel everyday. The teachers are wonderful. Today, the director called me because Morgan had a bruise on her chin and was crying and complaining of mouth and head pain. I was already on my way to Color Wheel to pick up the girls.

When I got to Color Wheel, I tried not to look panicked when I saw her chin. I was imagining a little bruise - maybe pinkie fingernail size - at most. Instead, I saw this:

Granted, not life threatening, but more than I expected. I took her straight to Urgent Care where they x-rayed her chin. Luckily, everything was fine - traumatic, but fine. It's swollen and sore, but nothing structurally wrong.

Here's my confusion - why didn't Dutchtown Primary call me when this happened? Morgan said she fell in the classroom. Her teacher sent her to the office, the office gave her ice and she went back to class. I went through every page of the Student Handbook tonight, and it never discusses school accidents/incident reports or parent notification. Did a school nurse assess the situation and decide there was no need to call me? Was a school nurse even involved?

I'm probably overreacting (I should probably take more medicine...), but I'm still concerned at the lackadaisical response of the school. I have to sleep on this (or rather not sleep a wink) and figure out if I need to pursue this. Any thoughts?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HUGE news in the Bellanger house!

Can you tell what happened today???? Thankfully I had the family pictures just in time! Morgan lost her first tooth. She's so excited, that she is ASKING to go to bed - she can't wait for the Tooth Fairy to arrive!

Mother's Day...

First, Shane is the most wonderful husband. He set up the tables, tent, chairs, hammock, pool and radio in the backyard. Then he cooked the delicious crawfish in the 110 degree heat! Then after everyone was finished eating, he washed everything and put it all away. While he was slaving away (drenched with sweat and sunburned), the moms and kids had a photo shoot.

Unfortunately, Hannah wasn't into the photo ops...

The kids had a great time and ended with races across the lawn (anything to wear them out!).

Hope your Mother's Day was filled with laughs!

I don't deserve this man...

He is so patient, with his girls (all three of them). I caught him helping Avery play a game from the back of the Princess Fruit Snacks box. My patience would have lasted about three seconds, but not Shane. He can answer the SAME question 45 times without ever flinching. To spare me the Walmart trip this week, Shane did the shopping WITH the girls. Our pantry is now full of Hannah Montana fruit roll ups, Funyons (which I really think should NOT be considered a food!) Hannah Montana cereal and everything else they wanted. Talk about two girls who have their Daddy EXACTLY where they want him!

But I couldn't ask for anything better! Hoping your Mother's Day is full of laughs.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Guess what was in the mailbox...

A 30% off coupon for Gymboree! In case you want to order online, the sale is from Thursday, May 14 to Sunday, May 17. The coupon code is "CFCIRLCE" or "CFFRIEND". Also, spend $100 and get free shipping - happy shopping made happier with a SALE!!!!!

While my family was at Gymboree...

I had a fabulous weekend scrapbooking with friends - meeting new ones and laughing with the old ones. Mostly, I worked on Disney (when we weren't at the pool or buying shots at the bar). Here are the layouts...

(I can't take credit for Chip and Dale - I scraplifted it off of TwoPeas)

These are from the family photo shoot...

and lastly, the infamous Slumber Party

Just for the record....

Everyone knows I'm frugal (ok, cheap). I just don't find it necessary to spent exorbitant amounts of money on too many things. Case in point - children's clothing. Whether the dress was $30 or $5 it's still going to get dirty and be too small next season.

Up to this point, my girls have been perfectly happy with the clothes I buy. When Morgan went through the "skirt" phase, I bought her tons of skirts. Avery loves dresses - her closet is filled with them. But I don't pay retail - why should I - when next week it will be on sale, or there will be a Kohl's coupon in the paper, or the outlets have the same clothes for less money.

Here are examples of my most recent clothes purchases.

Pretty cute, I think. All three dresses for $25. My daughters loved them. They each have a set. They wear them all the time... When they get too stained, no problem.

While I was scrapbooking this weekend, Shane took the girls to Gymboree. This is the "for the record" part... Shane created the Fashionistas - not me! (You may remember during another scrapbooking weekend, Shane set up the fashion show runway. Complete with lights and music - Can you say "Daddy's girls"?

When I got home - Morgan and Avery needed to MODEL their new clothes. Now, Shane is entitled to buy anything he wants - granted my income is a joke compared to his. So this is what was included in the fashion show...

Really cute stuff. Avery picked out the adorable monkey dress ($30). Morgan chose the bejeweled shorts ($27). Cute stuff - $127 cute? Maybe... Will it fit next season? no. Will it get stained? yes. Was there a great sale? no, full price.

And the kicker, Shane then mentions, "Oh, there were plenty of other things they wanted." See - it starts somewhere, and I wasn't the culprit. They will never be happy with my frugal purchases again.

And then, you may not be able to see it, but guess what I did last night?

soaked two stains with Oxyclean on the brand new white bedazzled tank top.

It's documented. Shane started this. He doesn't read the blog, but at least when M&A insist on full priced Gymboree clothing, I will refer him to this post...