Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simply Scrappin' DT project...

I had a mishap with the Jenni Bowlin yellow butterfly rubon...but sometimes a mishap turns into an did you ever decorate a homecoming float with THOUSANDS of pieces of tissue paper?  Unfortunately, I did...and after coming across a butterfly shaped chipboard piece... I KNEW the tissue paper technique (technique used loosely) just might work!

If you are unfamiliar with the "technique"...cut squares or rectangles of tissue paper...stick a pencil in the center of the tissue and wrap the tissue around said pencil...dab the tissue covered eraser onto a glue stick and stick the tissue onto your chipboard...repeat a zillion times!

Oh, and the blue stuff on the sun...crepe paper...$1 a roll...pleat it...squish it...crumple it...LOVE IT!

Almost forgot, I found the "base" (AKA an old red hot plate holder) at Bayou Town Flea Market in Breaux Bridge for $1 - my lucky number!!!

Moral of this project... you just never know where you might find your next embellishment :)


Teri said...

Love it! I just might have to copy that "TECHNIQUE". I only have a ton of chipboard and I get tired of painting or misting it. Have a great 4th weekend.

Peggy Houston, TX said...

I love it... homecoming float. See - most folks don't know what you're talking about! Cool stuff. See you in NYC!