Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are you old enough... or young enough....

to know who these guys are???  When I saw them at the Scrappin with the Chicks hotel, I recognized them, but wasn't sure from where...until it hit me..."MTV haz beens"!!!!  Now what amazed me is that these two guys (from the very beginning of Real World and Road they are my age)... still get paid to travel around to frat parties, beach parties and various and sundry other places based on their "stardom"....I'm almost cracking myself writing this up...How do these guys do it??  More power to them...If they get paid to let young girls rub on them and frat guys still think they are cool enough to do a keg stand, then why shouldn't they exploit that market... it is America :)

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Teri said...

Where was I when these hunks were around?