Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scrapbook and Co DT...

I dropped my DT layout off today (2 days late and only after losing it and finding it in my house).  Thank goodness Cheryl is so sweet and didn't kick me off the team.

Let me just say - the layouts are amazing.  I'm feeling subpar - Gotta game my A game going for next time.  I want to make pages for my future niece, but layouts without pictures just aren't as cute.  So I'm going to have to step it up.... seriously....these gals got talent!  Check the Co. blog... I'm sure Cheryl will post them soon

Oh, and Sarah Parker is teaching a class this Saturday at Co.  She is an amazing card maker and does WONDERS with ribbon.  Check her out!  PS - I got the MOST amazing thank you card from her recently.  I'm going to start doing random and weird things for her...just so I get more beautiful cards...too stalkerish???

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