Tuesday, June 8, 2010

good reads...

I am a sucker for books.  They are my impulse purchases...  I was actually shortcutting through Barnes and Nobles when I saw this book....screech....back look and I was a goner.  Regretsy.  Normally Ashley eats lunch at her desk while perusing etsy.  We buy quite a bit from etsy.  I love handmade one of a kind gifts....but just ask WHY?  Apparently, me and Ash aren't the only ones because there is a book AND website dedicated to "Regretsy"... and I love this..."where DIY meets WTF???"

If you read the book (and maybe the website), you'll find out that while April Winchell was actually harping on etsy "artists" (using the term loosely), these same "artists" started complaining that Ms Winchell was NOT linking back to the horrid item.  So she did...and the items started selling....Crappy, crass, disgusting items started is the listing description for just one of the Regretsy items:

"Bertha, the pregnant sock monkey carries her "baby" in her "womb", and the baby can be "delivered" naturally with its "cord" and "placenta".  The cord can be "cut" by unsnapping it from the baby's "belly"."
(Not only is this "disturbing", but how many air quotes are allowed in one description?)

Moving along....Debby Schuh wrote about this new magazine Flea Market Style on her blog a few months ago...during that same Barnes and Noble shortcut, I looked for it.  I even had Miss Help Desk look it up for me.  She was so helpful and said, "So you like to go to flea markets?  I guess that's cool, but we don't have that magazine anymore". 

I figured I had to wait until the next issue, but to my surprise last week there it was in Walmart.  Apparently, the first edition sold so well, they reprinted!  Stop it...There are plenty flea market junkies around and we NEED OUR FIX!!!!  I'm not only drooling over every page, but following every web link.

And at the same time I was ordering some self help book on Boundaries suggested by my doctor, I added "Just Let Me Lie Down" to my cart.  Hysterical!!!  The book is a dictionary of sorts for working mothers.  One of my favorite "words" is: CORPORATE SEEPAGE defined as "The disturbing habit you sometimes fall into when the words you use at work spill over into your personal life.  The other night I said to my husband, "I'm going to power through dinner so I can get to that meeting."  He said that if I uttered the phrase "power through" one more time, he was going to "close the loop" on our marriage." 

Just a hint of the gems of wisdom inside...
And in some ways, it's helping me realize things about the next chapter in my life...added bonus!

If nothing else, check out the links - you might find something you like!

Just in case you were wondering, also on my nightstand is "Selling the Invisible", "Younger Next Year" and "Never Answer Email in the Morning".  Geesh...I am single handedly keeping the self-help aisle in business!

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Sally said...

Just Let Me Lie Down looks amazing. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing. See you in class Monday! Have a good weekend!