Saturday, June 12, 2010

good friends...

I am so lucky to have so many fantastic friends...Friendships are so precious...They need to be nurtured and protected, but when they are tended like a garden, they flourish and they provide a vital part of our emotional support system.  If we are lucky, we collect friends throughout our life.  I have Natalie from grammar school,  Krissy from  high school, Jen from college, Rachel, LeeAnne and Gina from my KPMG career, Andy, the wife of Shane's best friend, these are just the highlights, and then there are my scrapbooking friends.

Through scrapbooking, I have met incredible women.  I have travelled to far away places and learned wonderfully creative things.  These women in particular share my love of family and creativity.  Scrapbookers want to record the stories of their lives - their family, their children, the celebrations, the sorrows, the milestones and the day to day... 

I'll always look back and laugh at that day 8 years ago when Shane was travelling so much and I was lonely, and he said, "Just get a hobby!"  Thank goodness for that advice!  I haven't skipped a beat since!

Here are two recent layouts using the Girl's Loft kits...Also, check out the four tier silver stand that I found in Denham Springs for $20!!!  It took some serious elbow grease, but it is beautiful now!

Hope your weekend is filled with laughs!

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