Sunday, July 27, 2008

Outdoors vs. Indoors

There are two members of our family who would prefer to be inside scrapbooking, cooking, laundry - just about anything besides being outside in the hot sticky humid scalding weather. The other two members of the family like fishing, the pool, the beach, crabbing, camping, etc. If you know me, you know I fit into the indoor category and so does Morgan. As luck would have it, Morgan and I found ourselves at a "Wilderness" birthday party. Chocked full of hiking, scavenger hunt, horseback riding, tepees and a hayride. Morgan was a trooper and got right up on the horse for a ride with the birthday girl. She was even OK petting the horse. But when it came to the hayride that ended with a scavenger hunt, she came to me crying. Her belly hurt and she was too hot - I hear ya sista!!! I gently asked if she wanted to leave - she said no - damn!!! Instead, worse than going on the hayride, we had to walk behind the hayride so that we could be there for the scavenger hunt - through the woods - where we "found" real frogs - and I put on the bravest face and touched it - yuck! Then all through the woods we collected more "treasures". But they all had to be left behind for the "indian children". This was just plain ridiculous! The birthday girl opened presents and cut the cake under a tin roof lean-to - not exactly the Four Seasons... I was proud of Morgan for trying most of the "adventures" - she even rode the hayride back to the tin roof structure for the presents (I walked while manuvering through horse poo). Here are a few pictures of MY little girl -as Shane calls her, and after today, I guarantee while Shane and Avery go camping, Morgan and I will be in New York City.

Guaranteed - her favorite part was the cake and pink lemonade! Too funny, but she just came and asked me if her cheeks were still red. I told her that they weren't red anymore, and she said, "you mean they are finally back to skin color? it was hot outside mommy"... that's my girl!


Teri said...

Where was the party at? Madilyn would like to do that!

freda said...

H- you missed your calling. Drop that accounting gig and write a satire book.