Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nick's Baptism

Baby Nick was precious and so happy! Uncle Jason flew in from Denver - he is Nick's Godfather and Susan (Dominick's sister) is the Godmother. Nick wore the same Christening Gown that both Dominick and Susan wore - it had a beautiful "S" monogrammed on the bottom. Baby Nick didn't even cry with the water or the oil - he was such a trooper! Enjoy the photos!
If I hadn't taken this picture myself I would have thought it was staged...
Apparently the Baptism was a little too long for Baby Nick...
Ash is going to kill me for this one, but she looks fantastic and we only have 13 more days!!
Back at the house, Baby Nick got to cut the first piece of cake...
Baby Nick was cracking up at Uncle Jason while Aunt Ami was holding him.
Then, I think GiGi must have doubled up on her meds, because she took Morgan, Avery, Hannah and Emily outside to walk RileyDog.
Jason caught up with GiGi and NeNe and BawBaw (that means GiGi and her two sisters - but around here, everyone has a nickname)
And lastly, me and Averybird...
With the conglomeration of people at Nick's party, there was plenty of laughing - and that's always a good thing!

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The Parkers said...

These pictures are beautiful! You do a wonderful job of journaling these precious moments... I've got to do better myself! ;-)

Congratulations Baby Nick!