Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another RubOn PSA...

I have said this before, but after using rubons twice this weekend on different projects - I'm convinced rubons have the shelf life of Full Fat Milk! Ugh! From now on, I will use a pack of Rubons the minute I buy them. Just reminding you so you don't suffer the same fate! heather


Teri said...

I believe they do too. I have noticed the same thing lately.

Angel said...

What brands are you using? That's kinda the biggie. Much as I love Heidi's stuff, she should have nixed the rub-on's with her very first shipment, course that leaves us with buttloads from her classes. Also, rub-on's seem to be temperature sensitive, if they experienced any extreme heat they're usually screwed. Never buy a pack that the cellophane looks "off". BTW, Kelly Panocci (sp?) rub-on's are as bad as Heidi's. hugs, Angel