Tuesday, August 2, 2011

breakfast with the Bellangers

the girls have been awake for 2 hours...and they have eaten:

veggie sausage
Golden Grahams with Soy Milk
steamed carrots
wilted spinach
and edamame

And, no, I didn't force feed them...I offered pancakes and waffles, but they chose the sausage and cereal and edamame...I happened to be making the spinach and carrots, so they asked for that too...

I know I am lucky to have such good eaters, but they don't really know anything different...who says it's a crime that they have never eaten real sausage??

before you start feeling sorry for them...look at these faces!!

See...they are happy!!  I am loving these weeks with the girls...thank goodness they are going back to school, or I might never go back to work!!

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