Friday, March 18, 2011

Three Cheers for Lane Bryant!!!

The beautiful weather this weekend made me realize one additional 35 pounds means my new marshmallowness doesn't fit into last summer's shorts...exit "size 12" stage left and usher in "size 16"...why couldn't I have been one of the "Oh, I don't have any appetite and I've lost 35 pounds" type of chemo patient...they exist...and from my experience in the chemo chair, it's always the little old ladies who "get that kind" if cancer wasn't enough, but I get the added bonus of starting from scratch with a new wardrobe...sweet!!

Now let me pause here and make sure everyone knows that I'm very thankful for my new voluptuousness indicates that I survived!!  I may be "fluffy" but I'm still kickin'!!! and for that I am grateful...given the choice, I would have chosen A or B and skipped this entire ordeal, but my prize said C for cancer and there were no exchanges!

So off to Lane Bryant I went...see Lane and I have a secret little love affair...I'm no stranger to the plus size world, I'm no skinny during the "thick" years (versus the more rare "thinner" ones), Lane and I are very good friends...

It just so happens that my last relationship with Lane ended in April 2008 after I completed the One Weigh diet program (and went on to be the One Weigh "poster" girl...see here and here for more on my tiny brush with fame)...since then I've been able to stay in an Ann Taylor Loft size 12 (because you know not all size 12's are created equally, and Ann is just a little more generous than other designers -  if you know what I mean...)

But Lane and Target have me clothed for the summer.  Lane helped with 2 pair of capris, 2 new bras and 2 cute tops.  Target helped round out the "wardobe" with 4 additional tops.  Now for the Public Service Announcement: 

I will be wearing these eight pieces of clothing until they fall apart. 

Don't act surprised if you see me in the same clothes all the've been warned.  I consider this fluffiness temporary, kind of like pregnancy.  No reason to run out a buy a huge wardrobe for a temporary situtaion.  Now if we hit "winter" again (the Louisian version of winter), and I'm still fluffy, then I'll face facts and buy more than the essentials...but until then, I promise to laugh my way through the fluff, and I hope you you can join in the laughter!!


Melanie said...

I am mso happy you have new "summer" clothes, but very sad that I missed the "shopping experience"!! I am your personal shopper ya know! Can't wait to see the "new wardrobe"!!!

Sandy said...

Being fluffy isn't all bad!! We love you fluffy or flimsy and especially here!!!

Darby said...

I've watched me weight for years..go up, go down! Always said that I really didn't care if I was "fluffy" as long as I was dumb and happy too! Being alive is even more of a plus! You've always been beautiful! I love you!

Ann said...

Fluffy and still kicking.... what a great motto! Can I use too even if I don't have cancer?

Danielle said...

Love your attitude! Enjoy your new "temporary" wardrobe. You deserve it!