Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where did it go??

as in...this week??  oh, yeah - I slept it are the highlights:

Monday: Doctor appt, got blood typed and matched at the hospital, bought a new wig, was asleep for 3:30pm
Tuesday: Blood transfusion, asleep by 2:30pm (but I made it up for Morgan's honor roll assembly)
Wednesday: awake from 9:30 to 11:30am, then back to sleep until 3:30pm...but Shane is working late tonight, so I DID manage a Walmart trip (my first since the cancer thing), did homework, made dinner, two loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen...

so maybe this transfusion is making a difference...I keep waiting for this sudden burst of energy to erupt which turns me into the Energizer Bunny...but maybe that's a little optimistic.  My aunt says my coloring is much better - she didn't realize how pale I was until she saw me before and after the transfusion.

I am in awe of blood donors now.  I was a regular blood donor for years until being turned away about 4 times in a row for anemia.  I received  FOUR PINTS of blood - so FOUR people had to donate blood in order for me to get that transfusion - unbelievable!  I hope all of the brilliant scientists in the world eventually figure out a way to make synthetic blood, but in the meantime, the world relies on the Good Samaritans who donate blood.

I have been asked more than a few times about donating blood on my behalf.  I have found out that Our Lady of the Lake runs its own Blood Bank ( a very large one it seems), therefore replacement donations must be given there.  Shane is going to give blood next week and figure out the procedure (ie. a form to fill out with my name, etc) and then I will pass along the info.  Anyone who is a regular blood donor who wouldn't mind donating at Our Lady of the Lake next time on my behalf would be greatly appreciated.  Once Shane donates, I'll have better info to pass along.  I still can't believe that FOUR people had to give blood in order for me to receive the transfusion - no wonder there is always a blood shortage - thanks to all the blood donors in the world!!


Amy Beth Kloner said...

Wow- what a great reminder for everyone. Thanks for posting this, Heather. I'm going to look into donating when I get home. I haven't done it in years, ever since I started training more, but there's really no excuse.
I hope all of your local friends will share for you in NOLA. If/when I go to your sweet town, I've got some good juice with your name all over it! xoxo

Sally said...

Thank you for the Yardley soap yesterday. Diva confiscated it for her bath and is enjoying it. If you could see how happy she is.

You are so sweet. I'm so glad I got to see you yesterday. Keep laughing! Love you!