Sunday, October 4, 2009

life... and its turns and twists...

I went to the St. Luke's Craft Fair yesterday - which totally put me in a creative mood. Going to a craft fair gives me the same feeling as sitting in the audience at a Broadway play - wishing I was onstage singing that solo, rehearsing 7 nights a week and performing 7 shows a week. I can envision myself walking down the streets of New York with my rehearsel bag stuffed with music and clothes... I gave up on that dream too long ago, but it's still there, and it peeks out once in a while.

Now the craft shows just reminds of the pottery class I haven't taken, the beading I haven't learned, the sewing I want to master and the miter saw I want to work. Naturally, by the time I can take those classes, my arthritic fingers won't be able to string the beads, throw the pottery, thread the needle or safely work the heavy machinery. But I do consider myself an artist, a "life artist" - a phrase coined by Ali Edwards. I take pride in my scrapbooks and I do consider each one a little work of art - but to bring me back down to reality, while we were at the craft show, Morgan says, "Mommy, I want to be an artist" and I say, "That's great! Mommy is an artist too" and she says, "Um, Mommy, your an accountant".... and there you have it - I'm an accountant...

The most exciting find at the Craft Show was a brand new company called Southern Grace Frames. They make frames out of reclaimed wood. There was a company that used to make similar frames called "Unusually Usual Frames", but they have stopped making frames and I have been searching for another source. A friend mentioned that a store in Zachary was carrying a similar type frame - but let's face it, if it is past the College Drive exit - I'm lost!

This is the frame I bought at the Craft Fair, and I ordered another one (black frame with red ribbon - and the ribbon comes from Red Door - so you KNOW it's fabulous).
The website is I checked it out and since it's new, there isn't much info on it yet, but Stacey and Clifford Howell own it and you can reach Stacey at (225) 281-1533. She is perfectly precious! She has some wall space at "The Foyer" on Perkins and she will also have a booth at Mistletoe Market. I am NOT missing Mistletoe Market this year AND I am NOT taking M&A!

I did a Father's Day layout this morning - I just love using up old (very old) stuff. Have to make room for new goodies!

And I finally did one of the pocket school folders taught by Teri at the All Day Crop. I have a SERIOUS school paper/embellishment issue! So I used stuff I already had on hand for the first one. I'm going to make two for each girl for the year - finally - a place to put all of those "priceless" treasures!
OK - tomorrow is the 5th - only 10 days until the tax deadline... Then I have BiG plans - sleep, a few classes at the Simply Inspired Event in Lafayette, paint my kitchen, finish my scrapbook room, hopefully have LASIK, and then enter the mad dash to Christmas - SO MUCH BETTER than TAX SEASON!!!!!
laugh for me this week - I don't see many laughs in my future....


Donna said...

So proud of you...I see photo corners on the fabulous layout! I think you're an amazingly talented artist! Keep up the dream.

Melanie said...

ummm, artist, accountant, mom, friend, boss, singer, entertainer, control freak, awesome LO butt puller-outer (ok, couldn't resist that one)...YOU are DA BOMB!!! I am sooo glad YOU are MY friend!!!! Love the LO's LOVE the frame, and LOVE the creativity you spill onto this blog!!! Happy rainy Monday!!!!

Oh and mom to 2 GorGeoUS lil angles!!!

Terri said...

You always make me laugh - another of your many artistic talents!

Kids, are just, well, frank and simple. The rest of us get the complexity of it all! (and also oogle all the "crafts" we can make...sure we can...just take pictures and go home and, yes, I'm gonna do it. One Day).

I picked up my kit...I'm on a mission. Apparently, the mission is to now spend every $$$$ on scrapbooking supplies, and every waking moment scraping. AAARRRGGGHHHH!

Sally said...

You are a hoot and an inspiration! I added you to my reader. Can't wait for your next post!

cheepincharge said...

Let's inspire us with your encourage us to "think outside the box" with your social allow us to share in your family life events...AND you make us laugh during the whole process !!!