Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's raining men...

Just kidding..... It's raining TEETH though - the Tooth Fairy is working OT at my house. I'm sorry if she's out of loot for your children - Morgan's taking all of her money. Morgan lost her 4th tooth last night - the last 3 were in about 5 weeks.

What a response to my previous blog post. A) Who knew that anybody read my blog? and B) With those comments - who needs self esteem counseling??? Thanks everyone - that was really cool! Note to self: Cancel therapy appointment - apparently I DON'T have to pay someone to listen to me ramble...
If you read have read previous posts about how our bus driver doesn't recognize us at our own house, then you'll understand why we catch the bus around the corner every morning. If I had ANY clue how to link back to an older post, I would do that, but that takes brains that I don't have... But here are the cutey bus riders (plus Avery). Morgan and Demi (brunette with the orange bow) are both 6 - does anyone else notice Morgan's vertically challengedness or the fact that Avery wears NOTHING except spaghetti strap dresses and shirts???
I know it's the 7th, and I should be doing tax returns instead of blogging, but the printer is spazzing out and it was a good excuse for a break. Plus, I needed to share that toothless grin!


denise said...

glad to see you took a break :)

...and it will be raining BOYS before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Of course we listen to you. Who needs thearpy with friends like us??