Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Sunday doing nothing...

The Ironman is still in DC, so the girls are hanging around the house. Thanks to Angel and her suggestion of, my blog has a new look. I'm liking it, and since it is so easy, I may update with the seasons... or maybe my moods... do they have a "crazy" category???

So far today, I have sanded and painted the "screen soon to be corkboard". I'm working on a project with the October Girl's Loft Kit and I've edited the photos from our slumber party with Melanie and Bailey. I don't think three girls could have been better playmates. There was NO fighting - just another nod for mother/children communal living... We ordered pizza, made s'mores in the fireplace, scrapbooked, danced, read books, and laughed ourselves silly!

and, of course, we taught them the MOST important thing.... BUTTON EYES!!!

Hopefully I'll be able to post a completed project later, but see, that's where I usually have a problem... Finding the opportunity to FINISH my hair brained ideas!


Melanie said...

3 of the MOST beautiful lil' gals in the world!!!!

Anonymous said...

I won something, I'm so excited! The new blog header is so Kewl. See ya at class!

cheepincharge said...

Love the new blog header and those "button eyes" are running a close second!