Friday, August 21, 2009


That's me - a HUGE sucker!!!!!!

This is Avery on the floor of the intern's office (remember - mine is "under repair"). Watching a movie and coloring and giving me kisses every few minutes. But here's why....

Ouch! That red spot is a bug bite. My girls (just like me) have the worst allergic reactions to bug bites. Don't everyone start screaming - we have been through this DOZENS of times over the years between the two girls. It's not staph, although there have been overzealous Urgent Care doctors who have treated it as such.

So AveryBird is now asking my opinion on which brown crayon is the sharpest while I try to calculate penalties and interest on a delinquent return - so conducive to concentrating... Why do I even try???

BTW, the tub mystery seems to be solved. A former police officer was questioning me - and it was more than a little unnerving...

We keep all of the tub toys in a very small laundry basket in the tub. The basket naturally becomes a toy in the tub. There were plenty bubbles in the tub that night, and when Morgan went to stand up (probably to pour water on Avery's head), she slipped on the bubbly tub bottom and landed on a the basket. But the plastic basket was already broken, so it seems that she landed on the broken part of the basket and scratched both cheeks. Have no fear - Avery threw that MEAN basket away!

So on Wednesday Morgan was here and today it's Avery at the office - I could use more than Calgon!


Melanie said...

trade you one bug bite and one butt scratch for 2 flu's and one pneumonia!!!!

denise said...

Melanie wins that one HB!!