Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy Week...

I'll post pics soon, but I took the girls to the Children's Museum, made 5 kits for Scrapbook and Co, solved tax crises (that really is the plural, I check Websters), continued to organize my scrap room, yelled at the health insurance company, didn't get a pedicure - but desperately need one, took a photography class, finished the fifth book in the Catherine Coulter FBI series and started the sixth one, made about 5 hundred lists and only crossed off about half of the items....

OK - that's enough about my mundane week - heading out to Scrapbook and Co this morning - the New To You Sale is going to be HUGE!!!! I filled four 8 foot tables of stuff last night, and there was still more "treasures" to go out - with more stuff coming in this morning. Plus my new kits are going out this morning. So throw your clothes on and get to the store!

Check to see my new $11 kits.

oh, and laugh out loud this weekend!

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