Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So yesterday....

Remember how I was tempted to take the day off? I should have turned the a/c to 60, wrapped myself up in the down comforter and gone back to sleep, but instead...

See where I'm standing? Yep - that's where my desk should be... And see the buckets and trash cans, yep - they are catching the dripping water from the ceiling. There seems too be an a/c unit in the attic above my head and it clogged this weekend causing the drip pan to overflow - and by overflow, I man FLOODED!!!

So yesterday, the a/c line was cleared and the water was sucked out of the carpet and sanitized. Today the a/c unit was fixed and the carpet was cleaned. My office still smells like mildew and we have to wait until the ceiling dries out before the sheetrock can be replaced. I have taken up temporary residence on the other side of the building, and I'm considering moving here permanently. Maybe my concentration will be better if I separate myself from Ashley and Lucy.

So, after hearing about all of this (and other sundry details that I have spared you), my friend Angel sent me this:

Now THIS made me laugh!!!!

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Teri said...

I like the more medication idea. If you take 30mg instead of 10mg of Lexapro will it hurt?