Saturday, March 21, 2009

A week in review...

So, it was a terrible week! I hate to start a post that way - but I cannot tell a lie! A four day migraine, a fender bender (not my fault - thank goodness!), 12 new clients (which is a blessing and a curse), and today a crawfish boil at our house. Yesterday, I couldn't even pretend to work because of the migraine. Normally, when I get to that point (usually once a year), I go to the hospital where I get an IV filled with the "migraine cocktail" - not kidding - that's what the docs actually call it! Phenergan, Darvocet and Benadryl. As much as I needed the drip, I've already had my hospital visit this year, and I couldn't bear the three hour or more wait in the ER.

So using my very own medicine cabinet stash - I took the "cocktail" in pill form - three times on Friday - at noon, at seven and at 2am. Are you concerned that doctors have actually given me prescriptions for the Phenergan and the Darvocet? I admit - it's a little scary! When I awakened at 9 this morning, it was finally gone! Unfortunately, I was in a drugged haze all day.

Shane did a great job organizing and cooking the crawfish for Dominick's bday - I was so pathetic that I took a nap during the festivities!

Here is cute collage of the kids today:

Then I finally took some pictures of the layouts I did last Friday night - ignore the glare - one day I'll actually figure how to take the pictures correctly!

This is Avery's bday party using one of Heidi Swapp's new lines - It was perfect! Then I used the six pocket page protector to include more photos from the party...

Now on to a Mardi Gras layout:
Parker's six month photos:
And lastly, Beauty and the Beast with GiGi
Next week WILL be better! There is only one way to go from this week - UP!!!!!

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Paula D said...

Beautiful layouts, as usual! So are you using 3 ring binder style books now? I'm still doing post-bound, but my books are growing so fat with layouts (and my bookshelf is so stacked with books), that I've got to consider other ways of storing layouts. Let me know how you like the 3-ring style if you indeed have switched.