Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm in trouble with the bus driver...

Here's the background:

Yesterday, the bus driver passed up our house (note: we were standing at the end of the driveway like good little bus riders). She even gave us a wave as she passed us up. I thought this was strange, and Morgan and I ran down the street to the next house (stop visualizing me running down the street - it wasn't pretty!).

Of course, this upset Worry Wart Morgan's entire day (creating a headache - she's SO MUCH like me - do they have kid Zoloft??).

Today, the bus driver motions for me to come up to her window. She then tells me (and I quote), "When I forget Morgan, I'll come back around the block for her. I don't want anybody running up to my bus." I apologized, as if it was my fault that she passed up my daughter - and on a separate note - WHEN she forgets Morgan??? like it's gonna happen regularly? Why did I apologize? I guess the gentle wave yesterday morning was the "sign" that she knew she passed us up and would be back around???? Did I miss School Bus Etiquette? Anyway, I promised to be patient NEXT time she misses us (AT THE END OF THE DRIVEWAY) and wait for her to come back around the block!

Freda - I KNOW you are laughing right now! This post was especially for you!

Laugh out loud today! Heather


Freda said...

I p'd in my pants laughing. The students all laughed because I was laughing hysterically!!

Melanie said...

Question...Did you do the bus drivers taxes by chance?? Just a theory??? Haa...ok, so when can you play season really sucks!!

Paula D said...

I did LOL! "Bus rider etiquette"?!? Is there such a thing anymore. We have a similar deal with our bus driver. It's as if she takes a different route each day... very strange. Don't worry too much... the whole bus catching process (although panic inducing to us moms) helps the kids build independence.