Sunday, March 15, 2009


I scrapbooked with a FANTASTIC group on Friday night and laughed the whole time - thanks to Mel, Dawn, Lisa, Teri, Tiffiny and Toni (and Ms. MaryNell!).

I sold a ton of stuff at the New To You Sale at Co. - so my store credit grows - oh what will I buy next???

Ashley and I both took the weekend off. I got the last of the corporate returns out Friday and the extensions even got postmarked Friday afternoon. Tomorrow should be a smooth day. I'm ready to get back to the office and knock out as many individual returns as possible.

It'll be a hectic week though. I teach a scrapbook class tomorrow night, work late on Tuesday night, go on Morgan's school fieldtrip on Wednesday, spend Thursday in NOLA with clients and finally back to the office on Friday. Wish me luck! If I get a chance, I'll post the layouts I did this weekend.


Teri said...

My stomach still hurts from all the laughing Friday night. Can't wait until next time. By the way, when is the next time?

Anonymous said...

Girl, that is the best medicine there is! I feel completly Blessed to have made such amazing (and totally crazy ) friends thanks to Scrapbbok & Co.!! You adn all the other crazies are the BEST!!!!! so, like Terri said.....when when when??? Love ya! Mel