Monday, March 9, 2009

A much needed day off on a beautiful Sunday...

Let me start by saying - I am NOT a gardener. Luckily whoever planted my initial garden, chose plants that thrive on neglect. But I really do like to have a clean, neat garden, so I have been dying to get to work on that part.

Hannah, Morgan and Avery "helped" while Parker supervised from the Jumperoo. We only tackled one side of the garden, I still wanted to be able to stand upright today without the use of heating pads or extreme doses of Aleve. And Avery and Morgan caught a lizard and to his dismay probably almost squeezed him to death. I finally convinced them to let him go and find his Mommy - I hope he's not injured!

The day was beautiful and we actually enjoyed ourselves! Here's a picture of my neat, unmulched garden - I'm so proud!
If you look closely - you'll see the poor lizard!
They also thought it was hysterical to act like they were putting the lizard on me - I on the otherhand was not AMUSED!!!!


Paula Davis said...

LOL... yes the dreaded lizard... my son loves to torment me with them. I was sitting on the patio ( with my hair in a baseball cap/ponytail) one day and he snuck up behind me and allowed the lizard to clamp onto my ear. I came out of my skin, and it's amazing Dylan is alive today! Great photos! Your girls are growing so big ;-)

Paula Davis said...
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