Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Info on the third "All About Me Class"

It's tax season, so of course, I just got to do my layout. While putting it together, I used some additional supplies, so I wanted to pass that along.

Along with the basics, it would be helpful if you bring a ruler, brown pen, large scalloped scissors ( I found mine at Dollar Tree - if anyone sees them there- please buy me about three more), a white paint pen, pop up dots and a circle cutter. I will have all of these things in case you don't own them. But if you have them, bring 'em!

Here is my finished layout (and I left my laptop at the office last night, and the Ironman's computer doesn't have any photo editing software, so you get to see my tile floor too - ignore the dirty grout - or better yet, if it bothers you come over and clean it - I'll leave you a key!):

The sample from Basic Grey has all four of the 4" by 6" photos printed horizontally. That didn't work for me, so clearly I did two horizontal and two vertical. And obviously, I have three circle photos (instead of the BG suggested two) and they aren't nearly 4" in diameter. I just wanted you to know that we can make any combo of photos work.

I will hesitantly say that this is my favorite layout so far. I was less than thrilled about the color combo and the "Day in my Life" theme, but once I decided to go in the direction of "Who I Am Everyday" it took on a new life.

Here's the reasoning for each picture, starting from the left:

I am a scrapbooker - I starting scrapbooking with the girls, and I'll die scrapbooking with them - laughing all the way!

I am a sister - me, Ashley and Jen

I am a wife - me and the Ironman

I am a business owner - me sitting on my desk

I am a mom - my favorite pic and me and the girls (taken by Melonie Ellzey - the greatest photographer evah! - see two posts ago)

I am a daughter - since my mom is camera shy, this is the ONLY picture I could find of me and her - and the girls look pretty cute too

I am a friend - this is my all time favorite picture of Jen - we have been friends since the second week of college at USM, and even though our lives are hectic now, I'm still sure that we will be sharing a room at the Old Folks home one day.

Hopefully this helps you get ready for class. Finally a class without some crazy "grid group" of photos! I'll see Group One tomorrow (Monday) at 6! Oh - and I have five prizes ready to go!


teri said...

Love It!

Angel said...

awwww, I'm feeling very honored to have made the "Heather" page and a very fabulous page at that. Now hurry up and get this tax crap outta the way so we can run away!