Sunday, September 7, 2008

Parker is growing like a weed

Seriously, I have no idea what he weighs or how much he's grown, but, he LOOKS bigger and he smiles now (mostly for his Daddy). It's so cute, and I can never resist a yawning picture. If you are wondering (you probably aren't, but I'll share anyway), I love making collages with Shutterfly and then saving them to my computer. I normally don't have time to create the collages before posting on the blog, but time is all I have right now - because sanity left a LONG time ago! 10 days without school is a LONG time - Avery can go back tomorrow, and Tuesday school reopens for Morgan - basically just in time to close again for Hurricane Ike. Oh, and while I'm on a roll, for everyone who extended your taxes, the deadline was moved from October 15 to January 5 (if you are in the listed parishes - this is not official IRS guidance!). What this means for me is that the misery of the second tax season of 2008 was just pushed into the beginning of the 2009 tax season. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, but that left about 10 days ago too.

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