Sunday, September 21, 2008

5 little ones versus 4 adults

Good news - the adults survived. I wouldn't say we won, but we all made it out alive! Last night Jen and Dominick had a party (apparently they still HAVE a life), so we watched Nick. Since misery loves company, Ashley, Collin, Parker and Hannah came over too. The boys are SO mellow, happy and calm - the girls on the other hand are INSANE! Ashley and I thought it would be so cute if we could get all five cousins on the sofa for a group shot - clearly we had taken too many "happy pills" when we thought this was possible. Instead, we managed to make everyone lay on the bed as I stood over them and kept clicking. Clearly GiGi will NOT be framing this for her house (she prefers matching smocked outfits, settings filled with beautiful furniture, and children who are actually LOOKING at the camera). But hey, it's a start!

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Ashley said...

I LOVE the collage. I want to get that one printed out. Who knows when we'll ever have them all 5 together again (hopefully not too soon!).