Friday, September 5, 2008

And then there was electricity...

We lost power on Monday and it came back Thursday night. Tonight we got the internet back, but we are in the very slim minority for both. During Katrina, Morgan learned why people lived in trailers in the front yard (they had rain in their house). During Gustav, both M & A learned that wind + rain too often = hurricane. How's that for mixing science and math? They have also learned about generators, gas cans, and they now know that EVERYTHING in the house needs electricity. Avery always misses a syllable or two when saying "electricity", and it cracks me up. Most of Baton Rouge is still powerless. Shane and my brother in law went to work today, and they were the only two with power in both groups. We feel selfish sitting here in our cool house, so we invited everyone over for a BBQ tomorrow. Hopefully that gets them to a cool house with warm food. Too many parts of New Orleans are still without power too. Our only thought is that we live VERY close to the oil refineries on the river (commonly called "Chemical Central" among other things), and the power companies must have had some big government pressure to get those up and running, and we must fall in the same grid. Whatever our luck - I'll take it! Good luck to everyone - I hope everyone hears the sweet hum of the a/c VERY soon!

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dmbueche said...

Hey Heather - We too finally have power. I feel very guilty because there are soooo many still without. The kids seem un-phased by the ordeal. Jakob had the nerve to say last night that he wished the electrictiy would go out so we could have a camp-out in Momma's room. I am very saddened to here the news about the store. Have you talked to Denise, do you know the extent of the damage? Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Dawn B.