Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love progress...

Some of my projects are coming to life!

Here is a picture of one wall in my breakfast area. The frame is from those two pieces of wood Angel and I drug out of the project green lumberyard and shoved into my car. I bought the precious birdhouse at the Broadmoor Craft Fair. I think there is just enough red in the decor to match the adjacent red wall! I love red!!

Here's a peak at the red wall - and the vintage typewriter alphabet and stocking that Susie Harris made. I met her in person at Broadmoor and as if it was possible she's even cuter and sweeter in person!

Here's another sign Susie painted for me. Since me and Ironman just celebrated our 12th anniversary, it's a nice addition to the mantle.

The screen/corkboard is finished and hung, but it's not picture ready quite yet - as a matter of fact I don't know WHEN my scraproom will be photo ready! It starts at the top of the priority list everyday, but it seems to fall off by about 9am...

We took the girls to see Disney on Ice yesterday. Avery is so cute and comments throughout the show. When she saw Ariel, I think she yelled "Ariel" louder than anyone else. Not sure what's up with Morgan... She threw a fit at the school Thanksgiving lunch saying she had too many visitors and we embarrassed her, then at Broadmoor, she was clamped to my hand for dear life and later told me she was scared in the big crowd. And then at Disney on Ice, I don't think she cracked a smile the entire time. Don't tell me this is a "phase"! I can't handle that yet! And please don't let her need as much medication as me to function normally!

When I summarized Morgan's recent behavior to Ironman and GiGi, as well as mentioned the dark circles under her eyes, her constant tiredness and her grey coloring. They both agreed. Wait a minute... everyone noticed my daughter looks like a walking corpse, but no one thought that we should discuss this... I'll be calling the pediatrician this week to see if she possibly should be tested for an iron deficiency - or anything else for that matter. Do Moms have to do everything??? Don't answer that....
The move at Scrapbook & Co is coming along... Painting, packing, planning and maybe just a little swearing! But everything will be fantastic when the store reopens on Black Friday.
Don't forget - on Saturday from 9-12, the scrapbook garage sale at my office. See my previous post for more info.
Take care - in case I don't get to post again before Thanksgiving... Enjoy your family and be sure to laugh the calories away!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hey girlie! They look great up there. It was so nice to visit with you Friday. Im glad you came when you did though. Sat. before the show started we headed back up there and took everything down and headed home. The weather was just too nasty and I didnt want to risk coming home with a car load of soggy screens. I used that day to clean clean clean. Now bring on the holidays! ps...we need to get together and do lunch one day~

Anonymous said...

dont freak too much about your dd. girls do strange things for no reason. i hope all goes well. i posted your garage sale on my blog!!!

nicole petersen