Thursday, September 3, 2009

the week in review...

The girls are asleep and Ironman is at the Saints game, so I have a chance to reflect on this week. Let's review...

1. 60 people rsvp'ed with a "Hell, yeah" to Morgan's 6th birthday party on Saturday.
2. I normally steer clear of meat and refined sugar - but not on party day - and Sunday was pretty ugly for my GI "system"
3. Sunday the washing broke with a drum full of soap, clothes and water. And since I can't fathom a day without completing a load of laundry (shocking, I know), I have been to my mom's house a lot this week.
4. On Monday, Shane and Morgan woke up sick. Morgan came to work with me which always makes for a productive day. Shane - sinus infection, Morgan - bronchitis, Heather - ignoring the fact that glands are swollen in hopes that they will shrink back to normal size. Finally by today, I caved and started the z-pack.
5. My office is still in disarray from the a/c pan overflowing in the attic. Meanwhile landlord is in Indianapolis with his racecar - unconcerned about the chaos.
6. Attorneys - oh, I mean, our Procrastinating Clients, are coming in at the last minute to get their returns filed by the October 15th deadline. Each one of them couldn't possibly owe tax, because a) they don't make much money and b) (and this is my favorite) they don't have a lot of cash. EVERY year I explain this phenomena. Cash does not equal income. Your cash went to your new Beemer, your trip to Vail, your daughter's summer in Paris, your wife's new 3 carat diamond and your hair plugs... You were able to buy that BECAUSE you had income...
7. New clients are flocking in to take advantage of the LA Tax Amnesty program, and these are people with multiple years of tax returns to do.

So why am I boring you with this?? Because normally just one of these things could stress me out - but I have been rather calm this week. The girls bickering hasn't really phased me either. You know what this means???

The drugs are FINALLY working. The quadzilla combo may finally be in the right dosage and timing. If that's true - there will be a LOT more laughing at the Bellanger house! Wish me luck!


Teri said...

Whatever you are taking I NEED IT!

denise said...

does your "dr" give group discounts?
i'm looking for a new one!

Paula D said...

LOVE, love, love the attorney comments... I definitely laughed out loud... hair plugs!?!? That's hilarious stuff!
Hope all are feeling better & this week goes way better!