Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update on the health scene...

So the migraine is gone, but I either had the flu and that brought on the migraine, or I got the flu as the migraine was going away. Either way - it stinks! But I'm feeling better now and I should be back at work on Thursday.

After I picked the girls up from school today, we went to the grocery - for some strange reason I decided to cook dinner (which was a great idea until I started to cook and the nauseau hit), but back to the grocery... Of course, M&A asked if they could get a treat. I assumed ice cream or cookies - normal kid stuff - but noooooo - what did they pick? SUSHI! yep, they are the weirdest kids on the planet.

Scrapbook and Co. is having an All Day Crop this Saturday (which is sold out) - but there will be plenty of fun for shoppers too. Check out the blog for more details
And if you have been waiting for new $11 kits, I have 5 kits ready to bring out on Saturday. The pictures are on the Company blog if you want a preview. If you decide you want a kit, it's best to call the store or e-mail me and we'll put it aside for you - sometimes they go really fast.

hope you're laughing!

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