Thursday, September 24, 2009

I haven't posted any fun pictures in a while...

With help from Teri, I may finish the Disney book before we go back! Teri R. created this page and I "borrowed" the idea :)

Since I am decorting my scraproom - I wanted to show you my "design with what you have" idea - I'm going to copyright that - so don't try to use it...

I had some flowers from the $ Store, a ribbon from a gift, and this set of bottles from Walmart. I put some Bazzil Bling paper through the shredder and stuffed it into the "vase" (used loosely) for cute arrangement. I love it and it was all "junk" I had!

How precious is Parker on his Baptism? Look at my sister's face when Parker started "singing" - could her eyes get any bigger??

Then in August we went to Corks and Canvas to celebrate Jen and Ash's birthdays. This was Ashley's idea - even knowing she would be completely stressed - It was a blast - you have got to go with a bunch of friends, and bring LARGE MARGARITAS - oh and call me - I wanna come!

That's it for today. I made it through a day of work. I'm back in action!!!

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