Sunday, June 7, 2009


So I said I would pull a winner from the $11 kit post on Wednesday - probably should have written that down...

Here are Morgan and Avery EACH choosing a winner from the very VERY sophisticated jar. It was easier to let them both choose a winner than to hear them fight - and plus, I knew you wouldn't complain...

Morgan chose DONNA and Avery pulled KELLY D. Ladies, please send me your home addy, so I can mail your cards to you!
Last night I gathered with some friends for a birthday celebration. Good friends - check. Good food - check. Good scrapbooking - well, two out of three isn't bad!
I managed to eek out a few pages, the only good one is from a kit created by Melanie Hyatt:
I think I am finally finished scrapbooking all of my favorite pictures from the photo shoot with Melonie Ellzey at Once Upon A Time Photography (just a reminder - she rocks! One session fee includes a disk with ALL of your pictures and a copyright release).
Then, my Parkerman's 6 month pictures:

And I finished up with two more Disney pages...
Juts ignore the glare, one day I'll figure out my 3 year old camera!
So Donna and Kelly D - e-mail me and I hope everyone was laughing this weekend!


Ashley said...

Parkerman's pages look great! I guess it's easy to scrapbook the cutest boy in the world!

Melanie said...

Love all the LO, loved the party, loved the company..........So I completely missed the post about the LO giveaway. Where the heck was I??? I will have to pay closer attention!! Congrats to the lucky winners..I know if the are your kits they are FaBUlOs-OOOO. Hope you have a wonderful, laughter filled week!!! Love ya!

Donna said...

Thank you, Morgan. You're so sweet!!! I'll get mine at Co. the next time I'm there if you want to leave them for me. I'm hoping to go this weekend. Thanks, girl, loving the LOs.