Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The ever practical Avery...

Avery: Mommy, can you call your work and see if you can leave early and pick me up?
Mommy: Um, sure Avery, I'll ask...

Avery: Mommy, WHY do you have to go to work?
Mommy: Because we like to go to Disneyworld and buy new toys and do fun things...
Avery: But Daddy works, why can't he pay for that stuff?
Mommy: Daddy works hard so we can live in this beautiful house and have food to eat and air conditioning...., but Mommy works for the "extras"

Avery: Could you ask Daddy to work harder so you could stay home and we could still go to Disneyworld?

Mommy: I don't think so, Avery. That wouldn't be very fair.
Avery: But you are going to call your work and ask if you can leave early, right?

How can I say no????

1 comment:

Teri said...

Don't cha just love the guilt trips. Avery even made me feel guilty. Madilyn might get a day with mommy now.