Thursday, June 25, 2009

In my quest for simplicity...

I am cleaning out the scrap stuff (as always). But I have a new purpose this time. Dutchtown Primary where Morgan attends school started an art program last year (on a shoe string budget, of course). Morgan LOVES art class. She treasures every single project - especially the bumble bee made from a toilet tisse roll and a coffee filter. Mid-year after a particularly large stash purge, I sent a bundle of "stuff" to the art teacher. She was so genuinely appreciative.

Her requests are so meager, things like: baby food jars with lids, toilet paper rolls, paper towels, markers, coffee filters, glue sticks, crepe paper... that I'm trying even harder this summer. I am going color by color through my paper. Since there may be only a sheet or two of a pattern, I am cutting shapes for her to use in the classroom. For example, out of various greens, I am cutting grass (for spring), dinosaurs, frogs, etc. Then I will move onto another color.

It's a great way to use those supplies that aren't really "New to You" material, but you hate to throw away. Maybe I have inspired you to look through your stash for the good of your children's schools - and if you don't have children, but you find yourself with extra "stuff" - leave me a comment, I'll make sure your "good stuff" gets to Ms. Jackson at Dutchtown Primary!


Teri said...

i will work on finding some stuff in my stash. Lord knows I have plenty. Madilyn's age doesn't use a lot of craft items anymore at school.

Freda said...

This make me look for toilet paper holders in all the wrong places