Sunday, June 21, 2009

New $11 KiTs!!!!

They'll be at Scrapbook and Co this week - Wednesday for sure! I tried to be fair and do some male and some female. And I think the third month of kits will be even better - I've been collecting ideas!
First - one of my FaVoRitEs!! "Built Tough" There are 5 kits plus the sample. Oh yes, that is handmade chipboard! Painted, stamped and Modge Podged - lemme hear it...
Then, in honor of all those Dads... "dear dad... I love you..." It's VERY hard for me NOT to use flowers and ribbons on a layout - but I'll get the hang of it... I have seven kits, plus the sample.
Then a really CUTE "Birthday Bash" layout. Room for five 4x6 photos, and the colors are perfect for summer! I have 4 kits plus the sample...
Then I HAVE to indulge myself with some flowers, tulle, bling, ribbon and sweet, tranquil colors... This layout would be perfect for Baptisms, Dance Recitals, Visits with Grandma... That's why I left the title for you (but some brown letters would be perfect!) There are 5 kits and one sample.
Then from the vault of LAST summer's "3 for $33 class", we found two layouts...
The first is "Pool Party". Please ignore the frightful picture of me in a bathing suit. There are two kits - no sample, but a picture is included in each kit. I just LOVE the Bazzill pom poms!
We also found this "Love" layout. Our disorganization is your treasure!! Two kits with pictures - and thankfully WITHOUT me this time!
Denise actually found these, but she has figured out that I will sell anything! Give me a few minutes of rummaging in the storeroom and there is NO TELLING what I will bring out! Just helping boost the sagging economy...
All kits are $11 and the samples are $15. The samples have to stay at Co. for the first week, then you can probably sweet talk Denise into selling them (remind her that you are helping to boost the economy)
Last month there were a few very sad ladies who missed "their" kit. So if you see one that you like, call Scrapbook and Co. and ask them to hold one for you. I'm reviewing the suggestions from everyone for next month's themes. Always feel free to leave suggestions. The winners from last month's contest were Donna B and Kelly D. And no Donna, I haven't forgotten, I just didn't get to Co. last week. But they are in my car this week!
Hope everyone had a good laugh this weekend - and be sure to Laugh Out Loud this week!


Teri said...

The kits are so good! I can see them flying off the racks.

Donna said...

Love the kits!!! Keep up the good work. I might have to have that b-day bash kit, my baby just had her b-day. I knew you couldn't forget about me (and I really wasn't worried about it). I didn't even think to ask when I was at Co the other day.