Friday, January 16, 2009

The storm before the calm...

The week before a vacation is always a nightmare for me! Granted, I'm the most obsessive person on the planet (even with medication), so I feel like EVERY detail must be taken care of before we leave.
Pay the Bills
Balance the Checkbook
Charge the camera and cell phone and remember to pack the chargers
Remember the birth certificates, SS cards and insurance cards in case of an emergency
Handle all client emergencies
Prepare the office for all POTENTIAL client emergencies
Buy extra socks for the girls
Put the "Out of Office" message on my e-mail
Coordinate the girls outfits to match the character meal for the day
Bring the Sharpie to write our cell phone number on the girl's bellies - in case of emergency
Coloring books for the plane
Snacks - because my girls EAT constantly
A notebook so I can keep track of my points everyday
And the last thing I needed to squeeze into today - the Going Out of Business Sale at the Disney store - but how could I resist? Now the girls will wake up to a new treat everyday on the trip!

Oh my goodness - I need more drugs! Luckily, once I step onto the plane - I will forget all about the office, the clients and the laundry that didn't get done. I can't wait until I step on that plane! Wish me luck until then!


Angel said...

um, question here... have you remembered to coordinate your and Shane's outfits as well? They do have those "official" photographers everywhere, so ya'll will be in beaucoup pictures as well. And just a little reminder so you'll remember to smile, Brandy's hot hubby worked as a WDW photographer ;-)

Melanie said...

Ok, I am tired just reading your list! I leave for Disney Feb 20th....will you make my list too??? Hope you have a wonderful time!!!! Be good!