Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Challenge" update...

A friend called me yesterday and simply said, "I'm mailing Shane my $40". This seemed strange - but most of my friends are a little "off". Then she went on to say, "If the Ironman is in the weight loss competition, I'll just give him $40 now." OK, so he is the Ironman, and he'll probably be more determined and try harder than the rest of us (I know this because we have been married for 11 years, in which time, I planned a pregnancy solely around the Ironman training schedule).

But for the record, the Ironman, is NOT in the "Challenge" pool. He has his own thing going. Frankly, he doesn't need the money as motivation. He must have found the fountain of inspiration years ago (maybe that's what's in that crazy expensive FUJI water he drinks -damn, maybe I should drink water...)

So if you were thinking of joining the Challenge, but were deterred by the Ironman - have no fear! He runs, bikes and swims to the beat of his own drum - man, I need that drum!

PS - We are up to 13 people. For those mathematically challenged - that's $520!!!


Shelia said...

Hi. I came across your blog by way of Feedjit. I've enjoyed reading your posts. It seems that we have some things in common...especially the scrapbooking! I plan on stopping by often. You can visit me if you'd like at Oh, and I live in Kentwood!

Paula D said...

Yes, I need Shane's water & "drum", too, but that pot of cash will be a great inspriation!