Friday, January 16, 2009

All About Me Class - January specifics

For the students who missed the class - here is the layout. I tried to put some closeup shots of the details. I'm leaving for Disney this weekend and will be gone for a week, so I won't be able to answer any class questions. Post them here and maybe another student will answer, or I will answer when I get back.

Here's the left page:
the base sheet is paisley - then add red and orange to it (but only use the orane that is left over AFTER matting your photo block!). The white journaling block is the wrong side of the striped paper.

For the journaling block - place your picture (without adhesive) and trace around the right side. Then place your letters - gently - ending the letters even with the bottom of your picture line. Pick up any letters you want to be in RED. Leave the others. Use black or charcoal chalk ink to cover the "letter area". Pick up the letters that you left on the page and you have created a mask. Put the red letters back on. Oh, and I'm not REALLY 34, but I didn't want to make anyone feel bad by putting 29...

At the bottom left of the photo, we added a strip of white paper (wrong side of striped paper) and a strip of orange and some buttons.

I cut each of the three rubon swirls into pieces and used them all over the layout. The butterflies were cut out of the butterfly paper. They look cute with a small black button in the center. Also, we used scalloped scissors to cut a strip out of the striped paper for an accent along the top of the photo.

The right page starts with the paisly background. Place your photo block (matted on the orance paper) and then cheat with the red paper by slipping strips of it to the left and right of the photo block. Everyone had a different size photo block. I matted mine onto a piece of black cardstock to start. The black is NOT in your kit, but it was easier for me. The photo block is just whatever size you created...

We added a strip of white paper, and a strip of striped paper cut with scalloped scissors and buttons to the bottom right of the photo block.

I added the rubons and butterflies wherever I needed some pizazz.

Number each one of your photos and explain them in your journaling block. You can see I had empty space in my photo block that I filled in with pattered paper scraps. Again - rubons and butterflies where needed.

Hopefully this helps everyone - whether you are finishing your layout or starting from the beginning. There are VERY detailed instructions in your kit, but they made my head spin, so I just included the highlights.

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