Friday, December 5, 2008

How did my baby girl get to be 4?

Here is a snapshot of Avery at four:
1. Loves EVERYTHING puppy!
2. Wants to be just like her big sister
3. Loves poptarts and oatmeal
4. Takes her stuffed puppy "Broccoli" everywhere
5. Throws a fit every night at bedtime
6. Sneaks into Mommy and Daddy's bed every night
7. Strikes a pose for every picture

Oh, there is so much more...
Now, on to me...(because I know you can't wait!) Saw the surgeon yesterday. Everything looks good and he casually mentioned that the swelling will all be gone in four months - FOUR MONTHS!!!! Are you kidding? Well, I can't wear yoga pants for that long - so I am heading out today to find a pair of pants and two tops. I will wear them everyday until they either fall apart or become too big (let's hope for the latter). And, yes, I cleared this "mental health day" with Ashley - just can't get back into the swing of things at work! I REALLY liked being at home for four weeks. I'm sure tax season will shock me back into the real world! Wish me luck - I will either be laughing in the fitting room or crying - knowing me I'll be laughing so hard I will be crying!

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