Saturday, December 6, 2008

Avery's birthday party

was a complete success! The girls had a great time dressing up - and doing a little chicken dance!
If you are experiencing deja vu - yes, Morgan did have her party at this same place "Pretty in Pink" in October...

Shane and I are surviving our weekend with four children better than I expected. It's 8:30 and Morgan, Avery, Hannah and Parker are asleep. Keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way! Don't tell Ashley - but Parker is sleeping in a dog bed on the floor - before you call Social Services - it's for our "stuffed puppies", has never seen a live dog, and is probably cleaner than most blankets in my house - plus he looks precious! Gotta get to bed - Shane is handling the three girls (all asleep in our bed) and I'm taking the night/early morning feeding with Parker. And don't worry, I took extra meds in preparation for this...

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