Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just waiting for Gustav...

I thought once we moved from New Orleans, we would be the haven for evacuees, not in the midst of hurricane preparations. But last night, Geismar, LA was predicted to have Category 3 winds - not exactly comforting. Luckily (for us), the storm shifted during the night and our wind predictions are down to Category 1 and for a much shorter duration. BUT - for the first time in our lives, we now own a generator, a window a/c unit, 5 box fans and a dozen sand bags. This is bizarre! Our biggest concern is losing power for up to a week, and with my sister's 5 week old in the mix, we are making as many preparations as we can at keeping somewhat cool and fed.

Shane has taken charge of the hurricane preparations while I referee M&A. They must sense impending danger, because they are in RARE form. Fighting from the moment their eyes open until they finally fall asleep from exhaustion. FUN TIMES! I'm trying to make good use of this time at home. I've washed all the sheets and comforters. I am doing some Continuing Education for my CPA license. I am working on a few layouts for a friend (I, of course, don't have any pictures of my own printed). I'm TRYING to make the girls pick up one activity before they embark on the next. These are quite lofty ambitions under the circumstances.

I'll keep everyone updated as much as possible on the blog - until we lose internet/power. Happy storm watching!

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