Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pre-K Graduation

Or "The Disaster" as others may call it... Weeks of practicing the graduation program... Ironing the sash and gown... Planning the party at Morgan's favorite Mexican restaurant... Ordering the graduation photos... and then... the MELTDOWN... Thankfully I snapped ONE picture before graduation started...
Because as you'll see, there was no need for my Kleenex, Morgan cried enough tears for everyone in attendance...
After the ceremony. of course she found comfort in Daddy's arms.
And then, after all of the commotion settled down, the only two girls who cried during the festivities (who happen to be best friends) were ALL SMILES.
I'm taking comfort in the fact that we'll never had to take dance lesson, music lesson or try out for cheerleading, because she would never make it through the reviews, the recitals or the performances.
It's OK though, Morgan came home from GiGi's house last night and told me she just had a "little stagefright"...

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